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Where in this wide world can
man find nobility without pride,
friendship without envy or beauty
without vanity? Here, where
grace is laced with muscle and
strength by gentleness confined.

He serves without servility; he has
fought without enmity. There is
nothing so powerful, nothing less
violent, there is nothing so quick,
nothing more patient.

Our past has been borne on
his back. All history is his
industry; we are his heirs, he
our inheritance.

Ronald Duncan

This powerful poem written in 1954 always makes me stop and think – just when it seems I cannot go any further and decide to take the easy route for once, I see this poem and think how would my horse handle this situation? The answer – Keep Calm, Eat Grass! In reality it makes me see how mundane these “challenges” are – I have been there before and it will happen again. Unfortunately, the modern world does not put much importance into loyalty or FAITH – we see that every day on social media in the acts of cruelty towards animals and fellow humans justified by the power of money.

HORSE SENSE was NOT started to compete with the RICH it was started so that the love of horses and horse riding could be enjoyed by ALL no matter what their financial status, colour, sex, religion. HORSE SENSE is for those who want to experience the JOY of being with the horse. At HORSE SENSE, you are taught to love your horse. That every back breaking, never ending chore is done with love. That no matter how slowly you progress – you are STILL going forward. We support NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP that is better for the horse and helps the rider to better understand the horse.


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