Inter-Schools Competition


This is a competition for the schools (not riding schools but education schools).  The Show Dates are scheduled for

Qualifier 1: 7th & 8th February 2015

Qualifier 2: 7th & 8th March 2015

Qualifier 3: 9th & 10th May 2015

Qualifier 4: 6th & 7th June 2015

FINALS: 8th & 9th August 2015

NATIONALS: 5th to 10th October 2015



SANESA means South African National Equestrian School Association

South Africa is a country that prides itself in it’s achievements in the Sporting Arena and sport is an essential part of the Nation.  School Sport is an important part of the child’s development skills both for social and health benefits, helping to promote unity, equality and team-spirit.  This helps us to become a stronger society as a whole.


Unfortunately, Equestrian Sports are notoriously expensive and out of the reach of many aspiring horse enthusiasts who cannot afford to ride in events and pursue their passion. These talented riders leave South Africa to follow their career overseas where horse riding is a more recognised sport.  South Africa was hindered due to African Horse Sickness and the long quarantine period required for horses leaving Africa but with the tremendous work done by Onderstepoort Veterinary, we are now able to export horses around the World.  As the safety against diseases for visiting horses improves, there is a genuine attempt for South Africa to bid to hold the Summer Olympics in this Country and what a boost that would be.


School sport is governed by the Department of Education and Department of Sport and Recreation jointly through the School Sport Policy and it applies to all schools in the Republic of South Africa governed by the South African Schools Act 84 of 1996. The purpose of this policy is to regulate the delivery of school sport consistently to all pupils, irrespective of ability, across all schools in an age-appropriate and/or grade appropriate way, based on the principle of equity and access.  SANESA was started to introduce equestrian sports at a school level so that pupils at schools in South Africa could participate in accordance with the principles as laid down by DBE, SASCOC and FEI.  The constitution of SANESA states that their aims are:

  • to promote the implementation of equestrian sport at school level and work in partnership with education role-players to realise this;
  • to support the fundamental right and freedom of individuals and groups to participate in sport of their choice, including equestrian school sport;
  • the opportunity for participation in equestrian school sport shall be made available to all learners who have the ability to participate in this sport;
  • the equality of opportunities in equestrian school sport regardless of race, colour, creed or gender;
  • the acceptance of the involvement of the parents, teachers, pupils, education authorities, private sector, sport bodies, schools and individuals in equestrian school sports;
  • the promotion of equestrian sport in primary and secondary schools levels;
  • to enforce and support School Sport principles which include: integrity; inclusivity; excellence; respect; fair play; quality delivery; professionalism; ethics; accessibility; capacity development and social cohesion, including norms and values as enshrined in the constitution of the Republic of South Africa;
  • assist with the identification of high performing equestrian talent;


SANESA is striving to ensure that it is an all inclusive organisation and that anyone who wishes to compete is not disadvantaged in any way. The most important thing a pupil can bring to SANESA is a passion for horses and ponies. The Members of SANESA (Schools) are represented by their Learners (i.e. Pupils at the school).   Riders do not need to belong to any other Equestrian Association/Club in order to participate at any SANESA event. Currently there are 15 diverse equestrian competition disciplines.   Each Province in South Africa has SANESA representation and some Provinces are also broken up into Regions.  Every Province/Region holds up to 4 multi-discipline competitions in the first 7 months of the year and then the top 8 riders with the most accumulated points in each discipline go forward to represent their Province at the annual SANESA National Championships during September/October. The SANESA Competition or Inter-Schools as it is known is open to both PRIMARY and HIGH SCHOOLS  Primary School will include riders that are bona fida pupils, irrespective of their age, up to and including grade seven (7) of all schools registered with their relevant Education Departments High School Riders competing in this League will include riders that are bona fida pupils, irrespective of their age, in grade eight (8) through grade thirteen (13) of all schools registered with their relevant Education Departments. Riders with disabilities may compete in all SANESA classes at own risk and shall, when registering as rider on the SANESA website, indicate the National Office of their disability.


It is not essential for anyone to actually own their own horse or pony to participate in SANESA – many riding school pupils compete with success at SANESA events on borrowed horses/ponies.  It is very important that riders competing on riding school ponies/horses must indicate as such when registering online. Once the national office has verified the information, such a rider will be exempted from competing as a horse-rider combination till such time that he/she acquires his/her own horse/pony. When and if selected for teams, these riders must nominate one of the horses/ponies they have competed on during the current season. Team selection criteria will be enforced as for all other riders thereafter.


To REGISTER RIDERS for Inter- Schools –

Log onto www.sanesa.co.za  Go down page to News by Province

Click onto Gauteng Sedibeng

Check under REGISTERED Schools to see if your school is registered contact the person listed for more assistance in this matter

Fill in RIDER REGISTRATION – under Select Relevant Horse Society – choose School Horse/Pony

If your school is NOT registered, please approach your Headmaster/Mistress – school registration is a nominal fee and very easy.



  1. All riders to wear their unique ID on a white cloth band on the LEFT upper arm/leg. (Unless otherwise stated in the specific discipline rules and regulations) Cloth bands must be 10cm wide with black numeric number only stenciled at least 6cm in height.

Dispensations for:

    1. Eventing: Bibs can be worn for all three phases
    2. WMG: horses must be numbered/identified as per SAWMGA rules
    3. Endurance: horses must be numbered/identified as per ESASA rules
  1. It is compulsory to wear some form of school attire as to identify the various schools riders during competitions. This can be in the form of a school shirt and tie, a waist coat, blazer, numnah with the school logo on, etc.
  2. All competitors must wear an approved hard hat with a three-point harness and correct foot ware, shoes with heel, at all times when mounted.
  3. School tee-shirts and shirts (with/without school tie) with sleeves, school blazers and/or school tracksuit tops are acceptable in all classes.
  4. Jodhpurs or breeches must be worn, preferably beige, cream or white.
  5. Black or navy jodhpurs in any discipline are not allowed.
  6. Level 0 riders may not wear spurs in any of the level 0 disciplines
  7. Black gaiters or chaps that look like gaiters are acceptable. No other chaps are allowed.
  8. Long hair must be neatly tied back and preferably in a hairnet.
  9. Please take note of dress specifics at each of the relevant discipline sections.


All SANESA riders shall complete the Riders Code of Conduct and parents will complete the Parents Code of Conduct available from www.sanesa.co.za.
PLEASE browse through the SANESA website and should you need more information, don’t hesitate to email them on info@sanesa.co.za