Price:R1800 per horse/pony per month


Under special circumstances, we will provide livery for your horse.  At HORSE SENSE the horse comes first. The stables are large and airy with bedding of shavings from Johannesburg.  The horses are stabled at night but in the morning they go out and spend time in the paddock.  There is grazing available throughout the year in the surrounding farm lands.  The horses do go out in a group to the paddocks as we believe that being gregarious they enjoy each others company.  We have very few “fights” and we notice that firm friendships are quickly made. We have a worming programme in place and make sure necessary vaccinations are kept up to date to ensure the continued good health of the horses.  The horses come in from the paddock to be brushed daily.  We have a special mix of feed that is nutritious and suits all types of horses and ponies.    We also enjoy the services of a top class farrier from Johannesburg on a six weekly basis as well as can arrange dental attention if necessary by a professional equine dentist.