Riding Lessons

Price:R340.00 per month


Whether you plan to hit the bush or the compete at the show circuit this year – or just hang around home — why not take some riding lessons? One of the fascinating aspects of horseback riding is that there’s always more to learn. After all, Olympic riders still have coaches! Unfortunately, many people think riding is just getting on a horse, kicking to go and pulling to stop, and if you don’t fall off, you’re a good rider. Nothing could be further from the truth, as many unhappy horses would tell us if they could speak.

Like any other sport, horseback riding requires a particular skill set that is learned much more quickly, safely and efficiently with proper teaching. Unlike other sports, riding involves two individuals – a horse and a person – each of whom not only has to acquire physical and mental skills, but also has to learn to communicate with a partner who doesn’t speak the same language. Learning to ride well involves learning to simultaneously relax and control your own body while sitting on top of a constantly moving horse in order to communicate with the horse through clearly given body signals or aids, all the time reading and responding to the horse’s feedback. A tall order! Lessons are based on the PONY CLUB (UK) curriculum. At HORSE SENSE the emphasize’s for riders is friendly, supportive and encouraging environment, specializing with beginner, novice or nervous riders and Adults, Juniors & children are all catered for